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LaserStitch by Measured. 

LaserStitch by Measured. is a process developed to ensure local, ethical, low-waste and on-demand production of wearable products. 


Through the unconventional use of a CO2 laser cutter, the process uses a negative defocussed laser to fuse together polymer based fabrics. The process can be used to create wearable products as an alternative to traditional machine sewing; an isolated and undervalued process which has not yet seen the benefits of digitalisation. 


With the existing process of machine sewing, it is most cost effective for UK companies to order large amounts of stock from factories paying their workers low wages in a country thousands of miles away. The result of this is wasted stock, a high carbon footprint and worker exploitation. Measured. proposes a time and cost-effective alternative to clothing companies who care about people and the planet. 

LaserStitch by Measured
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Spring/Summer 2022

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