Measured. meets and goes beyond the triple bottom line.


The process is low-waste as we only use the exact amount of material we need for each product. Waste is further minimised by nesting pieces together when producing multiple parts on one piece of fabric.


The process is simple with a short supply chain, meaning customers can easily see where their products have come from. This helps to build trust and transparency between company and consumer relationships.

Local Manufacture

On-the-spot production means that all shipping and journey time is cut out of the manufacturing process. This dramatically reduces each product's carbon footprint as well as overall creating a more time efficient process.


The reduction of manual labour through a digitalised process means that production is free from exploitation. 


Although the process isn't outsourced, overall it is cheaper than you may think. Garments can be made from as little as £2.50 a piece, which is competing with the cost of fast-fashion. 


Digitalisation means that the designs can be easily adjusted, meaning clothes can be adapted to fit all types of bodies; made to measure.