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What is LaserStitch?

LaserStitch is a process that can be used to create wearable products as an alternative to traditional machine sewing. Through the unconventional use of a CO2 laser cutter, the process uses a negative defocussed laser to fuse together polymer based fabrics. LaserStitch enables low-cost, low-waste, on demand manufacturing.

Can I use it?

Yes. LaserStitch is free to use by anyone, anywhere. All you need is access to a laser cutter* and some polypropelene fabric**. To get started, download a design and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, make your own designs by using the settings provided in the instructions. 

* click here to find a list of local maker spaces. **Settings for other types of fabric are in development. 

'The Bag' PDF download

'The Vest' PDF download